Account Consolidation

Hello Parents and Students,
At the beginning of the 2019 summer I informed the School Board that we were planning on consolidating the student accounts for all students.

Over the past several years we have had multiple personnel handling setup for our various student accounts, and it hasn't been one consistent standard. The result of this inconsistency being that students need to remember multiple differing usernames and passwords, and teachers needing a chart for each of systems they interact with to know who is who. 

What consolidation will mean for NC students is that all their accounts will be the same username across all our various systems, making it easier to assist them in accessing their educational content, grades and email.

They will not lose email, documents, etc. In each case, it will be a name change. 

I have started that process by updating their Google User accounts to match the new schema. Their Sapphire logins and educational content logons will follow from there. 

At each step of this transition there will be an announcement provided to the homeroom teachers, and an email sent to the student's Google Account alerting them to the change.

Students can now log into their Google accounts with the usernames and passwords as in this example:

First, Last, Student ID:

Jane, Smith, 50123



Which is the first two digits of their Student ID, their last name, and their first initial.

In the event of two or more students having the same combination, we append a 1,2... etc to the name as in this example:

John Smith, Student ID # 50124



I thank you for your patience as we make this transition, if you have questions regarding this change please contact my office.

-Christopher J Barr