Chromebook Insurance

To Sign Up for insurance please click here.

Procedures to file a claim with Securranty:

  1.  Log into your account

  2.  Enter the serial number

    1. ‘Click’ policy

    2. Follow the instructions/prompts

  3.  Wait for instructions(once it is approved proceed to #4)

  4.  You will receive an email with a prepaid label

    1. Box your item (Take off the case)

    2. Affix the label on your package

    3. Drop off package at delivery store or schedule a pick-up from the delivery service

    4. Please mail the chromebook as soon as possible. There is a 2 week limit on loaners.

  5. The company will return the device

*IF the device is returned to you:

Have your child bring the ‘loaner’ computer to the library along with the repaired one.

*IF the device is returned to the school:

Your child will be called to the library.  Bring the ‘loaner’ computer with you.

You will NOT get your computer back until the ‘loaner’ is returned.

IMPORTANT for Parents/Guardians:  Please check Securranty frequently for updates on your claim.