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Welcome to my page:
My name is Deanna Bassett and I am the Speech Language Pathologist for the NCSD.  I am very lucky to have my two daughters joining me at the school this year. Professionally,  I have the pleasure of working with students kindergarten to twelfth grade. I get to visit both buildings and see students outside of the school in other placements.
In speech therapy we support the skills that our wonderful teachers are already working on with us. We learn language skills, communication skills, fluency skills, to use our voices correctly, and to produce age appropriate sounds.  If you have any questions regarding speech therapy you may use the information to contact me below or call the special education office at (814) 948-2666.
K-12 Speech-Language Pathologist
Phone: (814) 948-5880 ext. 2238
*Quickest contact is usually email
Google Classroom: All students who receive speech and language support will be invited to join our private google classroom. For privacy purposes please contact me via email if you have questions or concerns regarding google classroom.