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Flexible Instructional Day

Flexible Instructional Days (FID)

During the 2023-2024 school year, the Northern Cambria School District will be utilizing Flexible Instructional Days (FIDs), which may be used in place of in-person instruction for any of the following reasons (as identified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education): a disease epidemic, a hazardous weather condition, a law enforcement emergency, the inoperability of school buses or other equipment necessary to the public-school entity’s operation, damage to school buildings or another temporary circumstance rendering any portion of a school building unfit or unsafe for use.  

On a FID, students will participate in on-line synchronous instruction provided by teachers following the FID day schedule.  


FID Schedules

What's the benefit of a FID?

In the event of a cancellation of in-person instruction, implementing FIDs will eliminate the need for make-up days. The District can use up to five (5) FIDs per school year. FIDs are considered a school day and count toward the number of instructional days/hours required under Article 15 of the Public School Code and Chapter 11 of the State Board of Education regulations.



If the District calls for a FID, how will I know?

Families will be informed of a FID through the District's notification systems in the same way that school closings/delays are currently announced. Notifications will be distributed via automated calls/emails and will be posted on the District's website, www.ncsd.k12.pa.us



What will be expected of my child during a FID?

  • Students will not report to school.
  • Students will participate via Goggle Classroom by attending a synchronous virtual class. The student must be visible during the class time and participate in the classroom lesson.
  • Assignments will be completed and uploaded to the Google Classroom.
  • Participation will be measured either by number of times a students participates in the discussion, and/or completion of an assignment during the FID day which will be uploaded into the Google Classroom by 11:59PM the day of the FID or immediately submitted to the teacher upon return to school.

How does student attendance work?

  • Attendance will be determined depending on the class lesson by student participation during the synchronous virtual lesson. Goggle Classroom maintains the statistics of all students who login to the classroom, including duration of visit.
  • In the event families do not have internet access, attendance must be telephoned to all of the student's teachers.
    • Please follow this script in reporting your attendance. This is (state your first and last name). I am a student in grade (state the grade you are in). I am calling in to report my attendance for the Flexible Instructional Day of (state the date).
    • Parents calling in on behalf of their children should adapt the script so it applies to a parent calling in. Parents with children in multiple schools must report their child's attendance to the homeroom teacher of each child.
  • If a child is sick on a FID, parents must send an excuse note to their child's school just as they would on a regular school day. If this is a pre-arranged absence, the student would be expected to make up the learning activities and assignments within three days of returning to school just as if it were any other absence from school.
  • FIDs will count toward truancy proceedings.
  • Students participating in the contingency plan (no or intermittent internet service) will be responsible for completion of the assignments asynchronously that is turned in by MIDNIGHT to Google classroom for every class  OR  the assignments will be turned in immediately upon return to the school. The assignments will be graded and counted as long as the school has record of the attendance phone call from the student/parent.

How long will my child have to complete FID lessons and/or assignments?

  • Students are expected to have assignments completed that day or turn in upon immediate return to school for full credit.  
  • If students experience difficulty while accessing instruction at home, the parent/student must communicate with the teacher. The main office may be contacted or a teacher’s email and/or voicemail. All materials will be accessible Google Classroom, and students can complete assignments asynchronously, but this will not count toward attendance.
  • Your child may be marked absent and an excuse may be required depending upon the circumstances contributing to an inability to access FID instruction. 

How can I contact a teacher or staff member during a FID?

Teachers/staff will be providing instruction and live support during a FID. If you have questions, you may contact a teacher or staff member via email, and they will respond to you when available. If you are having difficulties accessing a Google Meet link or Google Classroom, please email the teacher. You may also contact the building secretary for additional guidance on the best way to receive support on a FID.  


Elementary/Middle School - 814-948-5880

High School - 814-948-6800



What can I do to prepare for a FID at home?

In advance of the implementation of a FID, please familiarize yourself with the teacher's webpages and the Google Meet Link.  

At school, teachers will also work to familiarize students with the Google Meet Link.  However, elementary students may still need support in accessing this on a FID.  



My child has an IEP.  Will his/her lesson be modified appropriately?

The FID lesson will be designed utilizing program modifications, specially designed instruction, and supplementary aids and services identified in the students’ individualized education plans. Upon return from a FID, teachers of students with IEPs will meet with their students to review work submitted, checking for completion and understanding. 

Any related services (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech, etc.) that would have occurred during the day of closure will be provided during the FID. If necessary, the session can be rescheduled according to the frequency requirements in the students’ individualized education plans.


Will after-school activities be canceled on a FID?

Additional communication regarding after-school activities will be provided by the District on the day of a FID.