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Amanda Gonzalez

Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher
   HS - 814-948-6800  Ext 1104
   MS - 814-948-5880  Ext 2101
          -Middle School
               *8th Grade FCS
          -High School
                *Culinary Arts and Food Prep 1
                *Culinary Arts and Food Prep 2
                *Baking and Pastry
                *Child Care and Development
                *Developmental Disorders
                *Parenting and Pregnancy
           -Colt Kids Preschool Program
Middle School 
1st- FCS 8
High School
2nd- Prep
3rd- Baking and Pastry
4th- Culinary Arts and Food Prep I 
5A - Culinary Arts and Food Prep II
6th- Developmental
7th- Child Care and
8th- Parenting and Pregnancy