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About ME

Shawn Nelson
7th Grade Math
Phone: (814)948-5880 ext. 2206
                    Learn Pre-Algebra
Class Schedule:
1st Period - Math 7 (7:32AM to 8:14AM) 
2nd Period - Prep (8:17AM to 8:59AM)
3rd Period - Pre-Algebra (9:02AM to 9:44AM) 
4th Period - Math 7 (9:47AM to 10:29AM)
5th Period - Advisory/24 Challenge Club (10:32AM to 11:02AM)
Lunch (11:02AM to 11:35AM)
6th Period - Math 7 (11:35AM to 12:17PM)
7th Period - Pre-Algebra (12:20PM to 1:02PM)
8th Period - Math 7 (1:05PM to 1:47PM)
9th Period - Academic Support (1:50PM to 2:28PM)