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Northern Cambria Building PROJECT

Visit this site for updates to the new building project and to post any questions you want answered about the project. All Workshop meetings are live streamed and occur on the last Wednesday of every month starting at 6PM. A playlist of the live stream recordings may be found here.
UPDATE on the Consolidation Project for September 2023:

Bids from contractors for the Consolidation Project will be opened at 2PM on October 10, 2023, in the Boardroom. This bid opening will also be livestreamed on our website. BIDS should be awarded to contractors later in October 2023.
In addition, there were concerns expressed by a few community members and board members that NCSD violated school codes. This is incorrect according to our legal team.
Both our school solicitor and bond counselor have stated that NCSD is FOLLOWING ALL LAWS and applicable SCHOOL CODES when we secured our first bond (loan) and the upcoming second bond (loan) for the consolidation building project including having a majority vote NOT supermajority (two-thirds of the board) vote to pass those motions.
Review the links to the right for NCSD Voting Requirements for Motions and an explanation about our Borrowing Capacity.
UPDATE on the Consolidation Project for June 2023:

The Northern Cambria School District is moving forward with the next stage in its building consolidation project: Construction documents have been authorized to be put out to bid (05-16-2023)
  • The project would center on consolidating the district’s high school into the elementary/middle school campus. This would include renovations to the current elementary/middle school to provide ample space and resources for high school students.
  • Much of the work in the construction documents is listed as “add-alternates.” Taking this approach gives the Board of Education flexibility to choose which items to include and which to leave out, thereby maintaining close control over the project budget. 
  • Among the items listed as add-alternates are an expansion of the gymnasium at the elementary/middle school and renovations that would create a multipurpose room.
  • Even with this consolidation project, the district would continue to maintain and operate the current high school track and football stadium.
The Northern Cambria School Board HIRED  sitelogiq as the Construction Manager for the consolidation Project (6-26-2023).

Next Steps:
Bids will be reviewed by our Construction Manager and then out to contractors for sealed bids by September or sooner.
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