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Guide to Gifted Education

Special Education Guide for the Gifted

Included on this page is a website to help explain gifted education to parents.  We hope that this information will make you feel comfortable participating in the educational decision-making process for your gifted child.  Click on the website below for answers you may have concerning a child who is gifted or possibly gifted.

The website also includes additional resources for parents and a Glossary of Terms.

 If you suspect that your child may be gifted, first consider the following steps:

1.)  Contact your child's teacher directly to discuss your concerns,

2.)  Contact your child's guidance counselor to discuss your concerns

To have your child evaluated for gifted education, please provide a written request to the Director of Special Education, stating your reasons for the request. 

If your child is gifted and needs specially designed instruction, a program will be designed and carried out.  

Parents are further encouraged to contact the Director of Special Education  948-2664, to review any specific questions or concerns with the process, referrals, evaluations, placements, or service delivery.